Teaching Schedule

During this time of quarantine + social distancing, our schedules have adjusted to the virtual space. For the time being, Melissa is teaching a variety of vinyasa yoga classes. Check out her class options below.


Have requests for class? Let her know!

virtual yoga sesh

energetic flow

Mondays, 7:00pm, ET

These classes will focus on alignment and are designed to make space for strength and length in your body. Each class will have a different theme, working multiple muscle groups through movement and breath at a moderate pace.

Melissa Lineburg

virtual yoga sesh

dancer edition

Looking to balance your time spent dancing with mindfulness, breath, and restorative movement? Join me for a 30-45 minute virtual yoga sesh catered to dancers.


These FREE classes operate on a pop-up basis. To learn when they're popping up, sign up for my emails and follow me on social media!

In September & October, 2020, these classes will occur on:

  • September 23 at 5:30pm, ET

  • October 7 at 5:30pm, ET

  • October 21 at 5:30pm, ET


Have requests for class? Let me know!

Melissa Lineburg

virtual yoga sesh

free flow fridays

 Fridays, 5:30pm, ET

These classes will be an extension of Monday's flow with added pose offerings and a little more free flow built in. This is a great for your personal yoga play time and where you can unmute and ask questions that come up! 

Melissa Lineburg

like what you see?

contact melissa

​Hire Melissa to teach for YOU! Please contact her for rates and availability today.

Melissa Lineburg

virtual yoga sesh

slow flow sundays

Sundays, 5:30pm, ET

These classes will focus on breath and are designed for mindful movement. These classes will move at a slower pace while building strength and length. Each class will have a different them and offered intention.

Melissa Lineburg

need some tunes?

listen on spotify

Melissa creates custom yoga playlists for you to jam out during every virtual yoga sesh. Head to Spotify and look for any of her Yoga Class playlists.

Melissa Lineburg